St. Fiacc’s Swimming Pool

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We have been working hard behind the scenes to continue to make our pool a safe and welcoming environment. There are a few things you will need to be aware of when visiting our facility. You will not need to pre-book your pool time. We will be monitoring numbers in line with Government requirements. Our dedicated staff will be on hand to answer any queries you may have but have a read of the following to help you along the way…

  • Now that society and businesses begin to reopen, there is a huge emphasis on personal responsibility, hand and respiratory hygiene. We will have relevant signage throughout our facility and it is up to each person to follow the up to date Public Health advice to keep everyone safe. 
  • There are hand sanitising stations located at each entry/exit point and also various locations throughout the facility. Please use them. 
  • We will continue to reopen on a phased basis so there will be no Sauna & Steam Room until further notice.
  •  Swimming lessons are allowed to restart from June. Please see details regarding Camps and Saturday lessons on our Facebook page or on our parish website or contact the office on 059 9140330. We will do our best to prioritise anyone that had deposits paid for lessons / camp. Please be patient, there are plenty of options available.
  • We would advise people to arrive “beach ready” – have their togs already on under their clothes, where possible. This will lessen their time in the cubicle and more swimming time! 
  • Showers will be available for a quick rinse only, before and after your swim.  
  • Please be reassured that staff have been trained in a new cleaning and sanitising regime to follow throughout the day, in addition to the existing one. 
  • We would like to advise people that depending on numbers allowed indoors, the viewing area will be restricted.  
  • We are allocating 9am-10am Monday to Friday for people in our community who are most vulnerable. 
  • Our timetable will be updated every week and can be viewed on our Facebook page or pick up a copy at the pool. 
  • We do not have card payment facility at the moment. 


We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon but if you are feeling unwell or are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 such as a high temperature, cough, breathing difficulties or generally feeling unwell please don’t visit us just yet, we will welcome you when you are better. 


  • Do I need to book my pool time? 

No you do not need to pre-book your swim time. We will continue to operate our coloured band system and staff will monitor numbers entering and exiting.  

  • Will your opening times be different? 

Yes, our weekly timetable will be published as usual but there may be more public session during the day and possibly less in the evenings. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and our printed timetable for details. Or phone 059 9140330. 

  • Do you have a new cleaning regime in place? 

Yes, we have added a new cleaning and sanitising regime to fit in with our existing one. We have also added new EPA approved cleaning products for staff to use. 

  • Can I use the Sauna & Steam room? 

Due to government guidelines, the Sauna & Steam room will not be in use at the moment. 

  • Is there a designated time for vulnerable people? 

Yes, Monday to Friday 9-10am is our designated time for people who are vulnerable.  

  • Is your facility wheelchair accessible, or accessible for someone with limited mobility? 

Yes, we have a pool hoist and also gradual steps for people with limited mobility, along with our showers, changing room and toilet 

  • How many people will be allowed into the pool? 

Government guidelines will allow up to 50 people at the moment, this is due to increase in Phase 4 of the Governments roadmap. People must adhere to social distancing rules also while here. Staff will monitor people entering and exiting. 

  • Can I use the cubicles and showers? 

Yes, we would ask swimmers to come to the pool ‘beach ready’ with their swimming togs already on. This will limit their time in the cubicles.  

Showers will still be available for swimmers to have their usual quick rinse before swimming and also after their swim. Long showers are no longer permitted in order to avoid queues forming. Staff will be on a continuous cleaning route as people leave cubicles and showers.  

  • Do you have lockers? 

Yes, you will need a 50c coin which is returned. Staff will be on a continuous cleaning route as swimmers empty their lockers. 

  • Can I watch from the viewing area? 

We would ask people to only use the viewing area when necessary in order to keep our numbers below the government recommendations.  

  • Can I pay using my Debit / Credit card? 

We do not have any card payment facilities at the moment. 

  • Do you have Hand Sanitising stations? 

Yes, we have wall mounted Hand Sanitising Stations at each Entry / Exit point and also throughout the facility. 

  • Will staff be wearing masks? 

Yes, expect to see staff wearing masks or visors when social distancing cannot be maintained for certain duties.  

  • Do I need to wear a mask? 

We would advise you to follow up to date relevant health advice with regard to wearing face coverings and social distancing. You will not be permitted to wear a mask while in the water. 

  • Can I bring my children swimming? 

Yes, of course we would be delighted to have everyone back swimming, once they are well.  

  • Do you have a lost and found? 

We would usually keep items in our lost and found but unfortunately we will be unable to keep any items that are left behind at the moment 

  • Do I need to wear a swim hat? 

Yes, all swimmers must wear a swim hat. 

  • What if I forget my swim hat or goggles? 

We will not be able to hand out hats or goggles to borrow. They are available to purchase in the shop. 

  • Does pool water kill Coronavirus? 

Yes, because Covid-19 is an enveloped virus, it is more sensitive to chlorination than other non-enveloped viruses. (World Health Organization, 2020: 

It is recommended by our HSE Public Health Department that pool operators should use a free chlorine concentration of at least 1.5mg/l and our facility operates at between 1.5 – 2mg/l. ( 

Please visit our Facebook page for our most up to date information, phone 059 9140330 or on our website 



Adults: €6
Children: €4 – Up to 9pm
Student: €5
Parent & Tot: Under 2yrs – €6
Adult Early Bird: 9am – 9.45am  Mon – Friday €4
Family Ticket: 2 Adults & 2 Children €15  – Up to 9pm

Adult Concessions:  Every Monday – Friday Morning from 9.00am – 9.45am. Cost: €4.00


Adult swimming Lessons take place every Tuesday and Thursday night @ 9.30pm  Cost: €8.00 per lesson


Sauna and Steam Room are open during  any public session.


Mondays @ 5pm & 6pm. | Tuesdays @ 5pm & 6pm. | Wednesdays @ 5pm & 6pm. | Saturdays @ 9am, 10am & 1pm. Check our Facebook page or contact the office on 059 9140330 for the most up to date details.Childrens lesson terms begin in January, April and September. Easter and Summer Swim Camps.


Water Aerobics are now Mondays at 8.15pm, Wednesdays at 10am and Fridays at 12 noon.No need to book. Cost: €7.00


CAMP 1: 10am 4th – 8th July | CAMP 2: 6pm 4th – 8th July | CAMP 3: 10am 11th – 15th July | CAMP 4: 6pm 11th – 15th July | CAMP 5: 10am 18th – 22nd July | CAMP 6: 6pm 18th – 22nd July | CAMP 7: 10am – 29th July | CAMP 8: 6pm 25th – 29th July | CAMP 9: 10am 8th – 12th Aug | CAMP 10: 6pm 8th – 12th Aug

Bookings being taken at the pool office. Children must be at least 4 years of age. Limited spaces. Email: Phone: 059 9140330

Cost: €50 per child