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All bingo has been cancelled until further notice.

Parish Finance

The parish depends on contributions from the parish community to maintain church buildings, grounds and services. Some people contribute through their collection envelopes but if you would like an alternative method, contributions can be made directly from your bank by direct debits/standing orders. The parish account details are: Graiguecullen Church BIC: BOFIIE2D IBAN: IE12 BOFI 9065 3123 3222 21. Please put your name and address in the reference box. This is a really easy way to contribute to your parish!

Holy Cross

The additional Mass in Holy Cross @ 7.30pm on Fridays has been cancelled due to a reduction in numbers attending.

Irish Catholic

On sale in the parish centre.

Priests Collection

The autumn collection for the support of the priests of the parish will be taken up at all Masses this weekend. This collection is one of four collections each year that goes to support the priests. Special envelopes are available in the collection boxes or there are envelopes available at the church doors. These envelopes can also be left into the parish centre. We really appreciate your support financial or otherwise during these tough times. Keep safe!



Due to demand we have added an extra session; FRIDAYS @ 11am Starting Friday 2nd October 6 WEEK COURSE ~~ €60
Beginners / Improvers / Advanced ~ Small groups ~ Experienced Instructors ~ Work on your strokes, breathing & fitness. You must fill in a booking form at the pool office with full payment. Spaces are limited. Contact 059 9140330 or for more details.

The Priory Institute

We are taking registrations now for our autumn online theology courses. The courses are up to degree level and are heavily subsidised by the Irish Domincans. They could be just the thing as the nights draw in and we look to an uncertain winter. For more information visit:

Praying the Rosary during the month of October

Prayer is a way to help us get in touch with God and to develop a relationship with him. In prayer we not only talk with God, but God communicates with us. As we continue to pray, our relationship with God grows, and we are transformed more into thepeople we are meant to be.By tradition, the Catholic Church dedicates the month of October to the holy Rosary, one of the best known of all Catholic prayers. October includes the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (October 7). The best way to celebrate the month is, of course, to pray the Rosary. The Rosary draws its mysteries from the New Testament and is centered on the great
events in the life of Jesus and Mary. The Joyful Mysteries are taken mostly from Saint Luke’s Gospel in the New Testament. They involve the joyful events of Jesus’ childhood. The Luminous Mysteries bring a deeper understanding to the public life of Jesus.
They fill in the blanks between the childhood of Jesus and His suffering and death on the cross. The Sorrowful Mysteries remind us of how much Jesus loves us. They recall how He suffered and died just for us. The Glorious Mysteries tell us what happened after Jesus died – His Resurrection, the descent of the Holy Spirit and the love Jesus had for his Mother. In this month of October, let us consider this beautiful prayer of the Rosary as a means to draw closer to Jesus and Mary by meditating on the great mysteries.

Blessing of Pets

Unfortunately, last week’s blessing of pets was cancelled due to bad weather. Since restrictions have now increased, Fr. Dunphy will give
individual blessings this Sunday 11th in the parish centre carpark to any of your pets from the safety of your car between 2-2.30pm. Please come along in your car during that 30min window to have your pets blessed.

Holy Hour

St. Clare’s Church – Wednesday 14th @8pm. Please join us virtually for an hour of peace, silence, music & prayer.

Angelus / Rosary

Tune in daily @12 noon via webcam to join in virtual prayer.

Getting Back on Track Financially

Most of us have some level of debt, but when unpaid debt becomes such a burden that it prevents you from getting out of bed in the morning, brings a sense of dread when answering the phone or opening the post, It is time to take control of the situation.
The unfortunate reality is that due to the impact of COVID-19 many more people in Ireland may be struggling to pay their debts having recently lost their jobs or struggling to make ends meet on reduced incomes.The effects of problem debt on a person’s wellbeing and mental health can be severe and can prevent them coming forward for help but there is a solution to every debt problem and this is where the Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) can help. The ISI is the independent government body with four debt solutions to help people with all levels of problem debt – from credit cards to mortgages. It regulates debt advisors called Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs).

You could be insolvent if:
· You can’t pay your bills in full when they are due
· You’re paying a little off each bill trying to keep creditors at bay
· You’ve had calls and letters about missed repayments and threats of repossession.

If you are insolvent and in arrears on your home mortgage you could also be eligible for a free consultation with a PIP under the State-funded Abhaile Scheme. The purpose of that Scheme is to help people in serious arrears to find the best
available solutions, with the help of professional advisors. The priority will be to find a sustainable solution that keeps a person in their home, where possible.For more information visit or freetext GETHELP to 50015 for a callback.

Youth Ministry Evening

Postponed until further notice due to restrictions. We look forward to gathering soon with all young people from 1st – 3rd Year who are interested in getting involved in our parish youth ministries.


As per government guidelines all baptisms have been cancelled for the moment. Attendance at weddings and funerals is limited to 25 people

A Coronavirus Prayer

Loving and healing God, we, your people, turn to you in prayer, confident that you are with us in every moment. We stand before you as people of hope, trusting in your care and protection. May your faithful love support us and soothe the anxiety of our hearts. Generous God, fill us with compassion and concern for others, that we may look after one another in these challenging days. Bring healing to those who are sick and be with their families. May those who have died rest in your eternal embrace. Comfort their family and friends. Strengthen and protect all medical professionals caring for the sick and all who work in our medical facilities. Give wisdom to leaders in healthcare and governance
that they may make the right decisions for the well-being of all. We pray in gratitude for all those in our country who continue to work in so many fields of life for the sake of us all. Bless them and keep them safe. O God of creation, we place ourselves in your protection. May the mantle of your peace enfold us this day and tomorrow.

St. Clare, pray for us.
St. Fiacc, pray for us.
St. Francis, pray for us.
May all the saints of God, pray for us. Amen.

Knockbeg College

Would like to announce that our Enrolment for the 2021/2022 academic year is now open. All relevant notices, policies and enrolment forms can be found on our school website at

Celebrating the Permanent Diaconate

Our diocese has been blessed by the reintroduction of the Permanent Diaconate in 2013. John Dunleavy, Gary Moore, David O’Flaherty, Fergal O’Neill, Joe O’Rourke, Pat Roche and Jim Stowe were ordained in a ceremony in the Cathedral on October 13th, 2013. Paul Wyer, already ordained for the Diocese of Northampton moved to Kildare & Leighlin earlier the same year. The contribution of these eight men to the life of their parish and the diocese is deeply appreciated. Permanent deacons are to be found ministering in several dioceses around Ireland today. 2020 is another special year in the story of the Permanent Diaconate in our diocese as we see the ordination of three further Permanent Deacons. Liturgy in the context of Covid-19 is very restrictive and very different. Because of this I have opted to ordain each of the men in the local parish, this will help with the limited numbers free to gather in our churches at this time as well as spreading the message of the Permanent Diaconate to the wider diocesan family, with many following the ceremonies on respective webcams. The three candidates due for ordination in the coming weeks are: Vincent Crowley – Holy Rosary Church, Tullow, Sunday 4th October at 3pm Liam Dunne – Cathedral of the Assumption, Carlow, Sunday 11th October at 3pm Eugene Keyes – St. Peter & Paul’s Church, Portlaoise, Sunday 25th October at
3pm. I ask all in the diocese to remember the men, their wives and families in your prayers over the coming weeks. Bishop Nulty. 

South Leinster Money Advice & amp; Budgeting Service Carlow MABS

72d Tullow Street,Carlow | Tel: 076 107 2070
Free, independent and confidential Money Management and Advice Service. Assisting people in dealing with their existing debts and helping them to begin to manage their own resources. MABS offers free Debt Relief Advice under Personal Insolvency options. Money Management Sessions provided for Transition/Leaving Cert Students & amp; Community Groups.

St. Mary’s Academy

Enrolment for 1 st years is now open. The closing date for enrolment is Friday 23 rd October 2020. Please go to the school website where you will find all relevant information including our application form or you can contact the school on 059 9142419.

Parish Centre

Open Monday-Friday 9am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm. The COVID restrictions are in place so please  follow the guidelines as listed at the front door.

The Hook of Faith Zoom Conference

The team at ‘The Hook of Faith’ ( are pleased to announce a Zoom Conference for the month of October that focuses on ‘EVANGELISING IRISH CULTURE TODAY’. Each session will be led by an expert speaker followed by 10 mins of Q and A. Each session will begin at 8pm. We hope that as many as possible participate in this event for the missionary month of October.

Towards Peace Service during Covid-19 pandemic

Towards Peace Spiritual Support Service continues to operate during the current restrictions as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. While, face to face meetings are on hold for the moment, should you wish to access the Service via telephone or SKYPE, or just seek further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 086 7710533. Office hours are Monday and Tuesday 9am- 4pm Wednesday 9am – 12noon. Towards Peace Facebook Page:-The Towards Peace Spiritual Support Service was established in October 2014 as a service offering spiritual support for anybody who has been abused, physically emotionally, sexually, spiritually, in a religious/church environment. A new Facebook Page has been launched at

The Priory Institute

We are taking registrations now for our autumn online theology courses. The courses are up to degree level and are heavily subsidised by the Irish Domincans. They could be just the thing as the nights draw in and we look to an uncertain winter.
For more information visit

COVID-19 Support Line for Older People

ALONE has launched a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Professional staff are available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open seven days a week, 8am – 8pm, by calling 0818 222 024.

October – Mission Month

The world is in crisis. In many poorer parishes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, it is overseas missionaries who are on the front line. These women and men already do so much. Walking hand-in-hand with marginalised communities, long before and long after any emergency. Right now, they desperately need your help. Show missionaries you care by supporting their life-giving work. Donate €4.00 by texing the word ‘Mission’ to 50300. Alternatively donate at www.wmi/mission or call Fiona in World
Missions Ireland on 01 497 2035. World Missions Ireland is Pope Francis’ charity for overseas mission. It is part of a global network serving the Church in over 120 countries. Internationally they are known as Missio or the Pontifical Mission Societies and together, with your help, they support overseas missionaries through all challenges, struggles and hardships. (Texts cost €4. World Missions Ireland will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LikeCharity. Helpline: 076 680 5278. Republic of Ireland only).

Care for Our Common Home – Make Working from Home your Habit

Working from home has become the norm, and almost one in five people are likely to continue to do this after the Covid-19 lockdown is lifted. There are many advantages to working from home, from flexibility with working hours to a more relaxed working environment, resulting in less stress and no decrease in productivity. But the big winner could be climate change: with the need to commute taken away, and people spending more time in their local areas, this will clearly have a huge impact on the environment. All of this can only mean a happier planet and fitter, healthier inhabitants, so while coronavirus has forced most of us to slow down, it’s also given the planet a chance to start healing.

To do:- Show your boss you are just as productive from home as in work. Devise a plan to work at home more after the lockdown.

Looking after your mental health during this time.

While it is reasonable for people to be concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus, try to remember that medical, scientific and public health experts around the world are working hard to contain the virus, treat those affected and develop a vaccine as quickly as possible. Find a healthy balance in relation to media coverage Being exposed to large volumes of negative information can heighten feelings of anxiety. While it’s important to stay informed, you may find it useful to limit your media intake if it is upsetting you or your family. Access good quality information It’s important to get accurate information from credible sources. This will also help you maintain perspective and feel more in control.

Keep up your healthy routines

Your routine may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak in different ways. But during difficult times like this, it’s best if you can keep some structure in your day. It’s important to pay attention to your needs and feelings, especially during times of stress. You may still be able to do some of the things you enjoy and find relaxing.

For example, you could try to:

  •   exercise regularly, especially walking – you can do this even if you need to self-quarantine

  •   keep regular sleep routines

  •   maintain a healthy, balanced diet

  •   avoid excess alcohol

  •   practice relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises

  •   read a book

Carlow Family Support Group – You Are Not Alone

Drugs and Alcohol abuse effects families regardless of status in life. You did not cause it, you can’t control it and you can’t cure it. Help is available for those who live with this dreadful disease call 085 7872730.

Third Age Ireland

Third Age Ireland is a national organisation who take care of the elderly. SeniorLine is one of their programmes and could be very helpful to you at this time. SeniorLine has been the national, confidential listening service for older people, run by trained older volunteers since 1998. This peer-to-peer helpline for older people receives in excess of 10,000 calls per year. If you are feeling worried, stressed or isolated at this very unnerving time, please feel free to ring this FREEPHONE service anytime between 10am and 10pm on any day of the week on 1800 80 45 91.

Baby Loss Remembrance Week Oct 9th – 15th

Throughout this special week bereaved parents, their families and friends, unite with each other and others across the world to commemorate the lives of babies who died during pregnancy, at or soon after birth, and in infancy. To mark the event the outside of St Clare’s Church will be lit up between 7pm & 8pm on this Thursday 15th . Due to restrictions people are not allowed to gather but if you are walking or driving by say a prayer for all bereaved parents and families.

Towards Peace Facebook Page

The Towards Peace Spiritual Support Service was established in October 2014 as a service offering spiritual support for anybody who has been abused, physically emotionally, sexually, spiritually, in a religious/church environment. A new Facebook Page has been launched at

St. Vincent De Paul

Local Conference – St. Fiacc’s. Tel: 086 – 1592775.


RADIO MARIA IRELAND is an Irish-run Catholic Talk-Radio Station. Prayer, Catechesis, Uplifting music, Talks, Interviews and Testimonies – all commercial free – Listen via TV on Saorview – Channel 210 and Freeview – Channel 826; Download our FREE APP – “RADIO MARIA IRELAND”, streaming on or via PHONE – get live radio feed by telephoning +353 (0) 1 437 3277 (no extra charges apply). Please join our growing faith family!

South Leinster Money Advice and Budget Service CLG

Carlow Office, 72D Tullow Street, Carlow. 9.00 am – 5.00 pm. Phone Number 0761 07 2070 | Fax 059 9142360 | MABS National Helpline 0761 07 2000. Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm.

Living Well

This is a free group online Self-Management programme for adults with long term health conditions. For more information please contact Ciara number 087 4088325 email: Website:

Prayer Intercessors

This group is available to pray regularly but individually for the life of the parish as well as specific intentions that arise from time to time. If you have a family member who is seriously ill or is undergoing a major operation or any other special request please ring the parish office (9141833) & we will send out a group text to request prayers. In order to maintain confidentiality we do not use names in the texts. If you are interested in joining this ministry please give your name and mobile number to the parish office.

Expression of Interest

Expressions of interest invited for lease of New Cafe and other Units/Office Spaces at Killeshin Community Centre, all enquiries to please.

Al-Anon Support Group

Are you affected by someone else’s drinking? Do you worry about how much they drink? Al-Anon can offer understanding and support for families and friends of problem drinkers whether they are still drinking or not. Al-Anon Family Groups have weekly meetings where all are welcome. Carlow: St. Catherine’s Community Service Centre, St. Joseph’s Road – Mon @ 8pm. Askea Parish Centre, O’Brien Road, Askea – Thurs @ 8pm or Tel: 01-8732699 for further information. Website:

St. Fiacc’s Hall

Available for Parties and Indoor Sports. Phone 059 9140330 for details.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings held every Monday @ 8pm in Sacred Heart Hall. All welcome.

Older Parish Bulletins

Link 4th October 2020 – Copy

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