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Lourdes Pilgrimage at Home

For Christians, pilgrimage is a chance to renew and strengthen your faith and sense of purpose. Life can be so hectic for many of us and pilgrimage gives us that time out away from the hustle and bustle of our daily routine to sit quietly and think about our lives, or to seek a solution to a problem or help with a major decision that we may have to make. Although we could not make the journey this year our Lourdes pilgrimage at home was made very special by not only the people who took part but particularly the many volunteers who worked so tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of all our Masses & services.


As we come to the end of this special journey, I wish to thank everyone involved – our sacristan Catherine Ryan, Suzanne McWey for organising the readings, prayers and sourcing the Lourdes articles for our pilgrimage, our singers, musicians, readers, Eucharistic Ministers, slide operators and altar servers. Thanks to our youth ministry team of Nicola, Gary, Sarah and all the young people for their great work and to Isobel Brooker, Mick Woods (for creating our Lourdes Grotto), Fr Liam, the Poor Clare Sisters, our visiting priests, the Governey Park Residents for the flowers for our altar and grotto and our office staff. A big thank you also, to all our stewards who worked so tirelessly looking after people and sanitising the church before and after all ourMasses and services to ensure everyone’s safety. Finally I wish to thank Cathriona Kelly for her amazing work and talent in organising all the ministries during our pilgrimage and for her beautiful slides and video clips which ensured we could truly experience Lourdes at home.

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