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Laying Down Stones

God looked down from Heaven and rolled the Stone away! All of us carry burdens that cause us to walk through life with some experience of pain. We all have different times in our lives when these burdens can weigh heavy on our minds, our hearts and our souls. These burdens may come from any area of our lives; family, work, health, covid pandemic or finances. Sometimes the weight of these burdens is too much for us to bear alone. God doesn’t want us to carry our burdens alone. He asks us to lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross. He wants us to surrender our heavy load to him.
During this season of Lent we invite you to lay down your stone, your burden, on the strength of the Lord. Please take a stone from the sacred space in the palm of your hand and lay upon it the burdens of your life. Place the stone on the pathway to the cross. In this way we are laying down our weights to be carried by Jesus and rolled away like the stone which revealed the empty tomb. (Please use sanitizer supplied before and after)

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