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Welcome to Graiguecullen & Killeshin Parish

Mission Statement

Graiguecullen Killeshin parish is a welcoming, worshipping, community, committed to living the Gospel in our daily lives. Nourished by the Eucharist we strive to live in justice, truth, love and peace, so that others may say of us: “See how these Christians love one another. Our churches, celebrations and ceremonies are open to all people of goodwill. There is a seat reserved for you at the Lords table in St Clares or Holy Cross church every Sunday and special feast day. Your participation will strengthen the Body of Christ so as to serve the whole community. All our Ministry Groups are open to all and you are always welcome to join any of them.

First Communion Children

Unfortunately with the schools & churches closed the First Communion Ceremonies for Graiguecullen (9th May) and Killeshin children (16th May) has been postponed until further notice.  Any future dates will be decided when the restrictions have been lifted. During this time we ask all children preparing for First Communion to check out our Sunday School resources on our website and don’t forget to send in your coloured pictures via facebook. Keep safe!

Honouring the Virgin Mary during the month of May

May is the month in which the earth springs into bloom and we start thinking about planting gardens. It’s also the Month of Mary. For May, why not give Mary a special spot in your sacred space. It can be a statue or picture, but place there some representation of our Blessed Mother. Make it appealing and a real tribute to her. Mary is Mother – your mother, my mother, everyone’s mother – and because she cares for all of us day-in-and-day-out without fail, interceding for us in even the tiniest matters. For that, she deserves an entire month in her honour.

Pope Francis asks us to join him in this time of trial in praying the Rosary in May

Pope Francis has asked Catholics to make a special effort in May to pray the rosary, knowing that by doing so they will be united with believers around the world asking for Mary’s intercession in stopping the coronaviruspandemic. “Contemplating the face of Christ with the heart of Mary, our mother, will make us even more united as a spiritual family and will help us overcome this time of trial,” the pope said in a letter addressed to all Catholics and released by the Vatican on April 25.

Pope Francis’s Prayer Intention - For May 2020

For Deacons

As clergy numbers decline, the role of the deacon becomes increasingly more important. Deacons proclaim the Gospel, preach, assist at Mass, administer the sacrament of Baptism, and officiate at weddings and funerals. Deacons may evangelise through helping the sick and needy. They may be school, hospital or prison chaplains. They may help others by man- aging their activities, assisting with catechesis, parish or community administration. This month Pope Francis invites us to join this month’s prayer intention. “We pray that deacons, faithful in their service to the Word and the poor, may be an invigorating symbol for the entire Church.”

Sunday School Activities - Good Shepherd Sunday

We’re really missing all the smiles of our little parishioners every Sunday so we’re bringing Sunday School to your home. Please take a few minutes each week to pray & reflect with your children on each Sunday’s Gospel message by watching the attached clip and completing the colouring page from the link below. Feel free to share their work on our Facebook page each week. 
Gospel YouTube clip:

Sunday School Prayers

• Our Father
• The Guardian Angel Prayer
• Hail Mary

4th Sunday of Easter

All our services can be viewed via webcam on or on facebook

Monday – Saturday

10am – Mass & 12 noon – The Angelus followed by the Rosary

Monday – Friday

7.30pm – Night Prayer


6.30pm – Vigil Mass


11.30am – Mass

How to be a Person of Discernment

It is not good to hear ourselves described as sheep. Sheep are silly animals that follow each other blindly and do not act or think for themselves. This however is not the imagery intended when Jesus invites us to be ‘his flock’, rather his is asking us to think of him as our ‘good shepherd’.

The voice of Jesus the good shepherd is the one that offers us spiritual sustenance, guidance, love and protection. Jesus wants us to recognise his voice as the one who addresses what we are and what we stand for. Key to a healthy spiritual life is an overriding commitment to hearing the word of God and applying it to one’s own life, but in a world of competing values can we always recognise the voice of Jesus?

The trick is to know that Jesus’ voice is everywhere that encourages us to impact our world as Christians. Jesus’ voice is the voice at work that encourages us to do our best. Jesus is the voice that encourages us to respond to family members and the wider community who are in need. Jesus’ voice is the voice that tells us how to vote and how to campaign for those who do not have a voice of their own. The voice of the impostor on the other hand is everywhere that encourages us to act out of self-interest and greed. Sadly, this has to be an oversimplification. What seems to be the right answer for one person might be completely different for someone else. How is it that armies can fight each other, each believing that God is on their side? How is it that so many different denominations can interpret Jesus’ words differently, each believing that they have got it right? How, throughout centuries of history, could heads of states have made such bitter and cruel decisions in God’s name?

Clearly, recognising the voice of our shepherd isn’t an easy task. Recognising the voice of our shepherd takes discernment, practice and continual self-evaluation. Have we all been doing the same things in the same way year in and year out? Is there anything we could be doing better? Recognising the voice of our shepherd relies on what we already know from scripture, and not what we fondly imagine Jesus might be telling us. Most importantly, recognising Jesus must always be rooted securely in the love for each other and in love for our enemies. If we adhere to this important commandment, then surely Jesus will find us, whoever we are. Being part of Jesus’ flock is certainly not for the ‘sheep’; it’s for those with discerning ears.

All Work Done For The Greater Glory Of God

For information on our statement on safeguarding children  Click Here


If you are concerned about the welfare and safety of children or vulnerable adult contact Diocesan Designated Liaison Person (DLP) – Ms Joan Treacy: Ph:085 8021633 | Safeguarding Reps: B. Lloyd – 087 7719368 | Suzanne McWey – 087 6216207

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