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Welcome to Graiguecullen & Killeshin Parish

Mission Statement

Graiguecullen Killeshin parish is a welcoming, worshipping, community, committed to living the Gospel in our daily lives. Nourished by the Eucharist we strive to live in justice, truth, love and peace, so that others may say of us: “See how these Christians love one another. Our churches, celebrations and ceremonies are open to all people of goodwill. There is a seat reserved for you at the Lords table in St Clares or Holy Cross church every Sunday and special feast day. Your participation will strengthen the Body of Christ so as to serve the whole community. All our Ministry Groups are open to all and you are always welcome to join any of them.

Confirmation Classes - Promises Form

For the attention of Confirmation Classes. Attached is a Promise Form in PDF format. Parents will need to download the form and fill it out with their child. Please send forms back by email to or by post to Graiguecullen Killeshin Parish Centre, Chaff Street, Graiguecullen, Carlow.



A Letter from Fr. John to the Parishioners

A Message to the Sick and all in Care Homes

Archbishop Eamon offers some words of Encouragement and Hope to the sick and those in care homes.

Churches Reopen

Our churches are open 12.30pm – 4pm daily to give people an opportunity for quiet prayer and to light a candle. Whilst we know that many people from all over the country are joining us for our Masses and services via webcam it is great to have our churches open for people to visit. Please remember to follow the COVID 19 guidelines posted in the churches and please use the hand sanitisers supplied when entering and leaving the church. We have put in place a system whereby certain seats are used so if you enter a seat you put down the kneeler. Please leave it down when you are finished (even if you don’t kneel down). This gives us an indication where people have been and means it’s not necessary to clean the whole church every day.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Sunday School Activities - God sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost -

Please take a few minutes each week to pray & reflect with your children on each Sunday’s Gospel message by watching the attached clip and completing the colouring page from the link below. Feel free to share their work on our Facebook page each week. 
Gospel YouTube clip:


Sunday School Prayers

• Our Father
• The Guardian Angel Prayer
• Hail Mary

Mass Times

All our services can be viewed via webcam on or on facebook

Monday – Saturday

10am – Mass

12 noon – The Angelus followed by the Rosary


8.00pm – Night Prayer


8.00pm – Holy Hour


7.30pm – Mass for those buried in Killeshin Graveyard


6.30pm – Vigil Mass


11.30am – Mass

Self-Made Prisons

As were the first disciples, so we are sent out on a great mission to make disciples of all nations. We are sent out each with our own style of evangelisation and our own very individual array of gifts. There should be no stopping us, and yet there is. Like it or not, we all live in little prisons of our own making. We might live in a prison where every corner of our life has been consumed by the need to make money leaving no room for anything else. We might live in a prison where household chores dominate from morning until night. We might live behind the locked doors of inadequacy, inferiority, self-doubt or fear. We might have spent our whole lives building prisons brick by brick so that whatever dreams we might once have had, we are now totally incapable of realising them.

In today’s gospel we find the disciples locked away for fear of the Jews, and we must surely be able to empathise with them. But then comes the good news. Jesus shows us that the Holy Spirit is the exit from the hopelessness of being locked into a fearful and damaging past. The Holy Spirit is not shy of the boundaries that people erect. The Holy Spirit is not halted by locked doors or locked hearts. We may have spent our past making feeble attempts to love, to forgive or to make special things happen, but today’s exciting message is that the past does not have to equal the future. The Spirit which filled the apostles and enabled them to change history is the very same Spirit which has been given to us. If we believe in, and trust in the Holy Spirit, we can make things happen.

We can of course spend more of our short lives locked away, doubting as Thomas did that anything miraculous could happen. At the end of the day the proof of the pudding would be to step out of our self-made prisons and allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives.

Did You Know?

  • Pentecost comes from a Jewish harvest festival called Shavuot. The apostles were celebrating this festival when the Holy Spirit descended on them.

  • The Day of Pentecost is seen as the culmination of the Easter season.

  • In many calendars, the day is listed as “Whitsunday.” This comes from the phrase “White Sunday,” and refers to practice of the newly baptized appearing in their white, baptismal garments on that day.

Parish Newsletter

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All Work Done For The Greater Glory Of God

For information on our statement on safeguarding children  Click Here


If you are concerned about the welfare and safety of children or vulnerable adult contact Diocesan Designated Liaison Person (DLP) – Ms Joan Treacy: Ph:085 8021633 | Safeguarding Reps: B. Lloyd – 087 7719368 | Suzanne McWey – 087 6216207

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