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Welcome to Graiguecullen & Killeshin Parish

Web Cam

We are delighted to announce that we have installed a webcam in St Clare’s Church for the purpose of broadcasting Mass over the internet. This will be of tremendous benefit for those parishioners at home and abroad. To watch live broadcasts click on the link or click on our website The church webcam can be viewed on a P.C, laptop, smart phone, or tablet. Please note, for those parishioners who do not have any of the above there is a set top box which allows you to watch the Mass live on your TV at home (internet is required for the box to work). The cost of the box is €120.00. Full details available from the Parish Office.

Mission Statement

Graiguecullen Killeshin parish is a welcoming, worshipping, community, committed to living the Gospel in our daily lives. Nourished by the Eucharist we strive to live in justice, truth, love and peace, so that others may say of us: “See how these Christians love one another. Our churches, celebrations and ceremonies are open to all people of goodwill. There is a seat reserved for you at the Lords table in St Clares or Holy Cross church every Sunday and special feast day. Your participation will strengthen the Body of Christ so as to serve the whole community. All our Ministry Groups are open to all and you are always welcome to join any of them.

God’s Seating Plan

How do we define ‘humility? What is our perception of a humble person? Perhaps our idea of a humble person is someone self-effacing, someone who never pushes themselves forward or blows their own trumpet, somebody who is overly modest. In a society where we need to push ourselves forward to succeed, ‘humility isn’t a quality we value. In fact, we often consider the ‘humble person’ as a bit of a doormat. Fortunately this isn’t Jesus’ perception of humility and he certainly isn’t asking us to behave like doormats?

Today Jesus uses an invitation to a dinner party to give a lesson in humility. Jesus notices that the guests at the dinner party seat themselves in positions of honour at the table. It’s clear that some of Jesus’ fellow guests are so puffed up with pride that they assume the top places at the table. Jesus tells them that things will be just the opposite in God’s Kingdom. “For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

Despite our preconceptions humility isn’t about being a doormat. True humility isn’t about thinking less of ourselves but thinking of others more. True humility is about serving others without expecting anything in return. Humility is about sharing time and money unconditionally without expecting repayment, admiration, accolades or long letters of thanks. When we approach God’s table, we must remember if we want to be first we must put others first.

Apparition Hill

Is a new film based on the happenings at the sacred mountain side village of Medjugorje, Bosina ~ where since 1981 a group of young people have claimed to have apparitions and revelations of Mary, the mother of God. This film documents the journey of 6 unknown pilgrims, from very diverse backgrounds, having won a competition in the US to journey to Medjugorje. It tells their story and answers some of the great questions of this spiritual oasis in a world of war, so devoid of peace. It has received rave reviews throughout the world and now can be seen in Ireland. St. Clare’s Hospitality Food Kitchen have been given the privilege of being able to hold a Special Advanced Screening of the film and all proceeds will go towards the work of the kitchen. It will take place on: ~ APPARITION HILL ~ Sunday 25th September @ The Visual Arts Centre, Carlow at 3.00pm & 8.00pm. Admission €10 ~ Tickets (Visual Arts Centre only) 059 ~ 9172400 {Early Booking Advised} Raffle will take place to win a Trip to Medjugorje for 2 People. Sponsored by Marian Pilgrimages.

St Clare’s Hospitality

St Clare’s Hospitality is funded completely by donations and run completely by volunteers. Volunteers are essential to keep this service going. If you are interested and feel you could give a few hours per week please call into the centre or contact the parish office 0599141833.

100% of all donations go directly to helping local people in need. We are extremely grateful to everyone who donates their time and/or money to this cause. Just a reminder about our food bins at the church doors and in the Parish Centre. We would really appreciate any donations of tinned peas, beans, cooking rice, coffee, custard powder etc. as our stocks are low. Like us on Facebook please CLICK HERE

Graiguecullen/Killeshin Calender of Parish Events 2015/2016

August 2016

Tues 9th – Sun 14th: 40th Anniversary Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes
Thurs 11th: Feast of St Clare

Church Calendar Sept 2015 – Aug 2016

To view the church calendar  Click Here

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All Work Done For The Greater Glory Of God

For information on our statement on safeguarding children  Click Here

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